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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


O perfect moon
Shine over the silver cloud
At the gate
Where time is lost and found
In the rain
And on the rays of the golden sun
We are here
As Angels born from one
Now I see
All the things we truly are
Way back when
We exploded from that star
Now we move
On a tail of comet light
And we dance
As Gods who have the sight
On the Earth
Around the sacred forever tree
Within the sound
Of all that shall ever be
Yes, we are here
To live our time of dreams
Now I see
All that life means to me

O perfect Sun
Ablaze with flames of might
Ripe the seed
Keep it warmed throughout the night
In the circle
At the gates outside of time
I am here
Your reflection I seek to find
And we share
Each breath upon the Earth
To be born
From death to living birth
We can feel
Your touch upon the breeze
And we sing
Your praise that shall appease
So now begin
The dance of the golden Sun
In perfect Love
We honour the Shining Ones

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