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Saturday, October 27, 2007


'Three things from which never to be moved: one's Oaths, one's Gods, and the Truth.
The three highest causes of the true human are: Truth, Honor, and Duty.Three candles that illuminate every darkness: Truth, Nature, and Knowledge.
- Traditional Celtic Triads'


If you take such theories as the big bang into account (and it's as viable theory as anything else if you feel the necessity to consider anything as having a beginning) then 'we' must, logically, have been there, in the ancestral sense, as nothing comes from nothing (duh!), even if it is (in difference to was - I'm sure you'll work with me here!) merely as the possibility of energy as we consider energy to be. The same applies if you throw away the entire illusion of a beginning and consider the concept of a continuum and consider that possibly we don't know everything [consciously].

We're the off-spring of that immortality. We may be sun and moon and sea and stone and person and rat and mountain lion and retro-virus and all but we're still bloody-well related! And everything is unique but relative to everything else ("divided for love's sake on the chance of union").

Our ancestors (even into the far-flung memory of a trillion billion light years from now, into both 'past' and 'future') are the gods. They're not myth and legend and religion but they can be represented within them, just as simply as one or other might have passed you on the street today.

If that sounds irreverent to anyone reading this then you'd be mistaken. In the truest sense of the word - it is awesome!


Driian said...

love this picture see ya my friend

Anonymous said...

powerful and shamanic !