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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Calender Cover

Well, Im on the cover of the new Bruno Gmunder Calender for 2009 - Night Visions . Its out very soon in shops.... I think there is a book I may be in as well, but i havent seen it yet so not sure. Its a calender of different men shot by photographers from all over the world. Im flattered that they chose me to be on the front.

Here is the calender cover.

1 comment:

Jodoc said...

Cor, mate! What a stunning performer you are. Poetry in motion doesn't begin to define your beauty in the air.
Just mined YouTube and watched all your videos - which i have saved and passed on to some friends who are Cirque de Soleil, and Pilobolus fans.

Thanx very much for sharing,
be well, and CAREFUL!