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Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, here I am back in London town. Sydney for the summer was a great adventure filled with work, sun, sea, shoots, ink and all sorts! I had a residency at one of Sydneys biggest clubs; Home, and performed at all the big parties over the summer.

I went straight back into teaching classes as soon as I landed and it was great to teach the kids and adults again. Knowledge is for sharing after all!

So my flight back to London was a long one! I stopped off in Soeul, then Dublin before finally returning to my home of the past 2 years.

The day after landing I was on stage at Alternative Miss World dressed as a sailor carrying a mermaid onstage, and then running around as sponge bob with no pants on! All quite funny. (pics are coming soon)

Then last night I went to the AMW after party then I had my name guestlisted for Hustlaball where I was meant to be performing, but alas, it didnt eventuate. Next time!

So, now its work time.... got photo shoot pics to go thru and travel to organise.

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