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Thursday, October 14, 2010



Ari Levanael is a respected and accomplished aerial artist who performs throughout the world. His most recent work took him to the USA for the Dallas Purple Party, Amanda Lepore`s Carnival, Matinee NYC and The London Tattoo Convention as special guest performer with The Fuel Girls.

He was invited to perform as the finale for Irelands Exposé Live Dublin Fashion Parades and at Jackson’s Lane Theatre in London as part of the successful circus cabaret whodunit Murder. He is also a regular performer at London’s Circus bar and restaurant and continually travels performing, choreographing and teaching aerial arts to other aspiring performers.

The Sydney Opera House invited him for Late Night Lounge Cabaret in there summer season in 2010 and he performed for The Wella International Trend Vision Awards in Germany.

He was also broadcast live for the Zain Football League launch and performed for the Royal family in Saudi Arabia.

Ari has worked for the Discovery Channel in London, the Torture Garden NYE Ball and for Salvation Moscow, Antwerp, Sydney, London and Berlin.

Among his various guest spots at cabaret venues, he has also featured in 2009 and 2010 at the Sydney Mardi Gras for the official and closing parties and residency at one of Sydney’s largest venues.

He has wowed audiences in the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, Turkey and Greece. On UK television he featured in an ITV promo for Take That and also the ident for the BBC documentary channel Eden.

Developed with years of performance and worldwide travels, his goal is to create innovative performance for audiences over the world using physical skill, costume, sound and light. His performance skills range from the aerial circus arts; aerial silk, Spanish web, corde lisse, static trapeze and aerial ring to harness work, fire dance and pole dance.

Ari received acclaim for performing his breathtaking aerial silk routine blindfolded for Torture Garden Productions London’s Erotica Showcase in 2008 and again featured a daring new Rope act in 2009.

He has featured other shows for corporate events at the famous Café de Paris, Hippodrome, Bournemouth Opera House and Koko. He has also performed for audiences at events such as the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, The Tassle Club Ireland, Salon Rouge UK, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, the Storas, Ibsen, Jessheim and Moon Festivals in Norway, at numerous festivals throughout Australia and at the grand opening of the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

Dazzling audiences at events for major international corporations including MTV, Wella, Discovery Channel, IBM, Motorola, Tag Worldwide, Coca Cola, Virgin Airlines, Sydney Fitness Expo, Sydney Motor Show, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Sony to name a few.

Other than Ari’s solo projects, he has worked with Australia’s Webber Brother’s Circus, Flying Fruit Fly Circus and is an ensemble performer in Norway’s Cirkus Khaoom. He has also choreographed an aerial sequence in a music video for Jolin Tsai (Emi Music) and has been choreographing his own and other professional aerial artists’ shows for many years.

Ari continues to explore and develop new ways to perform and invent fresh discoveries in his unique approach to aerial disciplines. Keeping aerial work respected as the cutting edge of worldwide performance art.

His performance style moves from traditional to radical.

Ari has also appeared in feature films, short films, television commercials, editorial campaigns, newspapers and in photographic exhibitions worldwide.

“An Aerial Artist of the highest calibre, who’s unique, creative and entertaining show, included a fearless blindfolded performance… truly amazing” ***** - The Sun Online
“Aussie Aerial Circus Superstar” – DNA Magazine
“Scales dizzying heights in what appears to be a giant bed sheet” – GT Magazine
“The wondrous, the spectacular, the amazing…” – Beautifulmag

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