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Thursday, June 14, 2007

TORI AMOS in Oslo - photographed by AmazingAri

Here are pics hot from the Norweigen Wood concert in Oslo tonight.
To see Tori sing and play live again is really a magical experience. Her voice rains over you like warm water and she sings from a place with the gods.
She looks amazing as well as you will see!!!
Thanks Tori!
Hot Stuff!


Driian said...

Wow so close... I just love her world. It's just amazing...

Iam your cocaine said...

Hi you.
I am Maria. That girl you talked with on Norwegian Wood, and you gave me this adress.
You're pics was great! And the concert were even greater. <3
Would like you to send me some photos. They were so nice.
You can add me on MSN if you would like to. My adress:

Enjoy the sun. <3
Hug, maria